Who are The Home & Building Inspection Team Gisborne?



What do people need to look out for when looking for a new home?

Style, positioning on the section,sun. You know once you have a good base for your house and a decent sunny dry place not in a hollow somewhere then you can pretty much do anything you like in the way of maintenance on the house. Those things are pretty important.Then you go on to look at the cladding of the house, the roof and the foundations but if you are on a nice high dry site  and you have the space then you can work on anything else really. You don’t want to be stuck in a hole somewhere.

Get a decent team around you, a building inspector,valuer and solicitor and get some decent advice and to be open and actually listen to people. Quite often over the years you are talking to someone and you can see them shutting down and not listening as they don’t want to hear what you have to say. After a few years often they come back to you and say, oh I wish we had listened to you.

I know when I first started doing home and building inspections there was a grumble that I was being to picky but they now realise the reports are just a factual report, they are backed up with pictures. The reports are just purely factually and have nothing to do with whether I like a home or not, or don’t like the area. They have all come to terms with that now.

What maintenance areas do you think are most important when looking after a house?

Make sure all the ground water is away from the home especially some of the older homes and also away from your foundations. You need to maintain your roof and your wooden joinery,your cladding and probably your plumbing and electrical and make sure everything is up to scratch. I think these are the top ones really, once you have those sorted your house is going to be in pretty good nick.

Describe Gisborne as a place to live.

Well Gisborne is just a great place to live, when you come home from one of our big cities you realise the benefits of living in a great little town like this. We have everything we need here. We are a coastal city with a wonderful climate and I would encourage anyone to come and live here. We have a good variety of housing, rural if you want , 5 minutes out of town you could have a lovely lifestyle block with a lovely home on it, or the coast here, or the inner city. We’ve actually got it all here, its a great little city. Its quite spread out because people can still have a good size section. You look at the property press for Auckland and a section of 450 sqm and you think my goodness that is tiny. Your standard section in Gisborne would be a 1000 odd sqm and bigger.

Is there anything that you have seen in Gisborne that could be a potential problem similar to leaky homes?

We don’t have a lot of leaky homes in Gisborne, there are about 5 homes in the area that I know of that are leaky homes, that style of home didn’t really take off here, we are more conventional. I don’t see any one great issue here like that. You know as you drive through different parts of the country, as a builder and inspector you are driving past thinking my goodness I hope I don’t have to inspect one of those houses. We have a lot of old stock(houses) so we have a variety of things but no one great problem like the leaky homes.

What do you love about being a building inspector?

Oh I think its just helping people isn’t it. Its interesting what people don’t see, I’m a bit blown away. I pulled up to a site a couple of weeks ago and as I pulled up I thought oh it needs a bit of work on the front porch and a bit of this and a bit of that. I went through the house with the client and he said you know I never even saw that and I walked over it. Well I saw those things as I pulled up.You’ve got a mountain of knowledge and you don’t realise how much knowledge you have after 40 odd years of building until you stop and talk to people and offer your advice. Its pretty satisfying.