Who are HABiT Home and Building Inspectors Tauranga?


Do you weigh up customers before you give them a solution?

I just had a call from a client just before this interview and I explained to him that the particular house he was buying, you would have to be a certain type of person, some people wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.
For example I am a builder and we bought a rental recently and its a leaky building, we know that. Its something that we bought for the right price and we are willing to take that risk. But someone else you want to make sure that they know what they are getting and its up to them and their situation and capabilities. Are they going to maintain it? If they aren’t going to maintain anything or they haven’t got the knowledge or they are scared of getting ripped off by some builder who is going to do the maintenance for them, then perhaps they should buy another house.

I don’t tell anyone not to buy or buy, its just I tell them what is in store for them and make sure they are the right person for that house.

Why should people use a building inspector?
-What am I buying?
-How do I maintain it?
-Does it leak?
-Is it structurally sound?
-Is there anything wrong? What needs repair? or What needs replacing and when?
You can save heaps of money in the long run by spending money at the start. Its your biggest investment so why not.
Now what I see in nearly every house you would be silly not to get one. Even a builder you don’t have the moisture readers necessarily, you haven’t got that take on things.
For example we did a new house it was lived in for about a year, worth about a million. On the roof there was a valley flashing missing.A valley flashing, is where all the water goes into the valley and its directed into the gutter. There was only paper stopping this water coming in. It had maybe slipped down and taken off, I couldn’t find it. One wet day they would have been sitting in their lounge and their ceiling would have just caved in. That was the type of house you would have looked at and thought, oh that house doesn’t need a building inspection but hey that one did.

Also when you are selling a house you either just sell the house and someone else gets a building inspector in who says this is wrong and the intended purchaser get all scared and run away. Or as a vendor you get a building inspector in and then you know what is wrong if anything. Then you know that you can either fix it up or allow for that in your price and you reveal that at the time so that no-one is going to beat you down because you have already told them everything that you know. If they find something that you didn’t know then they are going to take some money off.

You are better off getting realistic now and its not a big panic. A lot of people are nervous when they are buying a house, if things aren’t relayed properly by an inspector they are going to freak out so its best to do it calmly and all out on the table so they know what they are buying.

Right from the start you are at the head of the game.

5 areas that should be maintained

1.The roof and gutters, the gutters are a big one. Autumn is a big one, the number of tennis balls I have found that are blocking the down pipe, they fit perfectly in a down pipe.
2.The roof as well, there are the concrete tiles, the cracking in the mortar, flashings, there is the metal ridge capping, they can move and the rivets can pop.
3.The cladding of course especially if it is monolithic, any cracks in that, that should be checked regularly. Gardening’s growing up next to cladding and against cladding.
4.Window joinery inside and out, making sure it closes properly and if its timber joinery the paint needs to be looked after. Condensation what are you going to do to sort that out.
5.You just take for granted that the gas and the fireplaces are always going to be good but they do need maintenance and your hot water cylinder. Not regular as such but they do need checking.

Do you provide a maintenance programme?

Yes especially we recommend it for monolithic cladding, well it can be done for any house.
If you have bought a house and you own it for 10 years or so and you may have maintained it well and check it but no one knows about that. If you have the skills to do that. If you don’t have the skills or you don’t know what you are looking for then we can come in and say once a year, we recommend in the middle of winter when we can check the moisture readings, and check the cladding and write a report on that every year. Its just a part report we call it a Moisture and Cladding check, so the cost is down.

That gives you like a warrant of fitness check, so if someone comes to buy this place then you have had a warrant fitness check every year, either there has been something wrong and it has been fixed up straight away and you know its been checked regularly or it hasn’t needed a lot of work and you know it been good all those years and it hasn’t just been painted the week before you are selling it to cover up everything that was dodgy in it. It give people piece of mind and with monolithic cladding that is a huge benefit I think and definitely worth protecting your investment I think. It is going to add value to your house.

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