The Right Way To Proceed In The Building Inspection Process

Do you know the right way to go about the building inspection process? If not, and you are a homeowner or you own rental property, then you seriously need to learn this process because it is a very important part of what you'll have to do from time to time. This is definitely true for those individuals who are looking to also buying their first pieces of property. So please pay close attention to everything you're about to learn because this is something that you need to know as a homeowner or potential landlord so you want to make sure that you get everything right the first time. If you need to get a building inspection done for any reason, and you don't know the right building inspector to get, you can always check with your family and friends and see if they have a person that they can recommend to you that does quality work and has done a really good job for them very recently. The one thing you certainly need to be aware of is that in Australia the building inspection field isn't actually regulated so you can basically end up getting stuck with anybody who decided to buy the right hat and call themselves a high quality building inspector. I know you must think that sounds kind of crazy that you can get a building inspection done by just anybody, and I really have to agree with you on this one because there definitely should be some regulation involved in this field. The funny thing is that it’s very surprising that there really isn’t any regulation because the government in Australia has made it a serious point to regulate the construction and building industry. They have also gone way out of their way to protect consumers against any practices that might be considered shady or unscrupulous and could hurt the people in a financial way. They really want to protect the average Joe and that's very commendable, so it's a little hard to believe that the building inspection industry has no regulations to it whatsoever in Australia. But it's the honest truth and it's something you have to deal with so at least you are now aware of it. Now that you have chosen the ideal building inspection professional, let's take a look at some questions that you want to ask this individual before they begin. First, you want to make sure that your building inspection professional is going to turn around your job in a 24-hour period. This is the standard time it usually takes people who work in this field, so make it a point to ask your building inspector if they also follow this very specific standard. If they don't for some reason then you may want to try another professional who takes their job more seriously. It's also very important that you have very clear communication abilities with the building inspection professional that you plan on hiring. Unfortunately, so many of these building inspectors have been in this business for a really long time so they unintentionally take for granted that you will know 100% of what they are trying to tell
you. Since this isn’t your profession, its most likely that you will not understand a lot of
the things they are telling you so you want to make sure that you get things clarified
when explanations are being made.

Another good idea is to have a building inspection professional that gives repair cost and
price estimates. Not all of them do this so you want to make sure that you ask if they do
prior to hiring anyone.