Who are the HABiT home and building inspection team in Hamilton?



What are the benefits of vendors doing a presale inspection?

We have done quite a lot of these. The benefits of these are the vendors can make sure they have got a house that is well presented and in good condition or the best condition they can have it in for their sale. A lot of people want to know what the issues are so that they can get them explored. It is very important these days both for people selling houses and real estate agents as its part of the legal document, that they are upfront so it is a really good idea. It will help them sell the house guaranteed.
It is going to give you a relative starting point if there are any issues and what is required to fix them but then again you could get a really good report and what a great way to sell a house knowing that you have had the warrant of fitness done and that your house is in a good condition and ready to be sold.

Any advice for new home buyers?

Having a code of compliance and getting a HABiT building inspection. We have had a couple of homes where we have gone up onto the roof that has had new cladding and we have found that council inspector haven’t actually been up on to the roof. We have had cladding missing and things like that. So a code of compliance is really important.
Making sure the house has been built by a tradesman and not by say the fireman down the road.
It is really important to make sure they have been built by Master builders preferably so you can get the guarantees that go with it. Get the house checked off with a well proven system so that you know you are getting a house for the long term not just the short term.
Records are available down at the council as its all public knowledge so you are able to check who built your house.The council should have all the licenced practitioners on record so you can check that they are master builders and qualified.
Councils do the LIM reports which we check over. It is definitely advisable to get a PIM report and a LIM report done before you buy a house. A LIM report will show any issues with the site.
LIM is the Land Information Memorandum which give any information on the particular site i.e. any sewage drains or easements going through. The PIM is Project Information which is the building itself and issues that have arisen during that project. It is a good bit of information to get but it does take a week or two to get from the council.We are happy to read those reports and find any information that needs to be highlighted. We recommend the clients get those themselves from lawyers.

5 main areas that need to be maintained when looking after a home.

1.The roof and gutters are important and need to be cleaned out and well looked after. It is the umbrella over your house, it will protect your investment in the long term.
2.Making sure your cladding and fascias have been cleaned at least once a year, this is very important and will make your paint last a lot longer. Not only will it look good but it will extend the warranty on your paintwork.

It is quite important to put a maintenance programme in place as it is good to be aware of when things will be coming up e.g. when your house will need painting again. This is a great way to maintain your investment.
3.Checking windows and making sure that all the drain holes are unblocked,there is nothing worse than the water building up and leaking over your sills.
4.To keep a healthy home you need to open it all up and keep it nice and clean. Those new homes are so well sealed that its nice to open the doors and windows and let the house breath a little bit.
5.In the showers and wet areas keep a constant visual eye as showers are one of the areas that can let you down in the long or short term. So look out for any moisture that could be coming out of the shower doors, making sure that any water is draining away. It could just be the easy clear waste that is blocked so its just making sure that you have those wastes clear. Occasionally look under the shelf in your vanity to check for leaks. Make sure you wash tiles down and check for cracks. Let the bathroom breath. We always suggest putting a fan in to get rid of any moisture as you shower or take baths.

What do you love about being an inspector?

It is such a satisfying job we are able to help people purchase their new home and its really nice to make them aware of any issues good or bad. We have had several instances of where we have saved people thousands of dollars putting them off purchases and they have bought us gifts and things like that. Part of it is yes helping them into their nice new home, making sure they have a good home for the long term, the other part is trying to save them money by recognising the issues. Our HABiT format provides us with something that we are able to go through a house and check from top to bottom and give our clients confidence when making the biggest investment of their life.

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