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Standard Price Guide

* Additional costs may occur if dwelling is larger than 250m2, and where extra service and living rooms are present.


Price For 1-3 Bed Single Story

$494.50 Inc GST
4 + Bed room’s Single story home

$529.00 Inc GST
Any 2 Story Home

$575.00 Inc GST
Verbal Report

$435.00 Inc GST


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Why It’s a Good Idea to Get A Professional Building Inspection Carried Out in The Wairarapa!

Have you found a property your interested in buying?

It has been common place over the years, up until recently, most people when finding a property they want to purchase would have either, just purchased the property based on emotion and gut feeling to find out at a later date that the roof is leaking or the plumbing or electrical needs to be replaced and as a consequence can cost the new owner a small fortune to fix. The other option and still is … to find a mate who’s a builder to give it a check to see if there’s anything major that stands out and if he’s lucky, give him a 12 pack for his troubles. While this might seem the most cost-effective option, it doesn’t always work in the best interest for the purchaser of the property and there are a number of reasons why, which I will go into in a minute.

Some of the most common and expensive faults in property are the roof, electrical and plumbing. As mentioned above these unexpected things can end up taking the joy out of home-ownership, especially if you have stretched yourself that much more financially just to secure the property you fell in love with. This is the very reason why getting a mate who is a builder in or simply not getting anyone to look for these types of issues is, especially in the age of leaky homes is a risky proposition.  Most builders who are asked to step in for a favour are usually not familiar with the processes and standards for reporting on a property. They will usually go on face value of what they see as they inspect the property and report their findings to you as they go.

To compare a builder mate to a professional building inspector that has past experience with dozens, if not hundreds of houses to draw on for comparison as well as a set of standards to follow, it should be fairly obvious as to why spending a minute portion of your homes value is a must. It will give you peace-of-mind in knowing that the home you are about to purchase is safe and sound for you and your family … as well as structurally sound in the all areas, which include all of the different trades required to construct that property.  If we find anything that is out of sorts we let you know and do our best to find a solution for that will allow you to still buy the home of your dreams. building inspection wairarapa

So make sure you are making the right decision by contacting our guys who are experienced and fully insured. We cover the whole of the Wairarapa including, Masterton, Carterton, Greytown and Featherston .  So give us a call today to book your inspection now on 0508 422 4869 (HABiTNZ)