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The Home & Building Inspection Team Tauranga HABiT can assist you with your pre-purchase house and building inspection. We pride ourselves on our quick, professional service.


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 Who are Home & Building Inspection Team HABiT Tauranga?






An interview with Greg Nock

I was one of the earlier franchisees to start and have been doing inspections for about 5 years. I would have carried out over 1000 inspections in that time. I have been in the building industry for 27 years. 5 years of that I was an apprentice.

I have had up to 10 guys working for me. I have done commercial but mostly housing from basic to high end, all sorts of houses so I have a good over all knowledge base.

At the HABiT we do pre-purchase house inspections, the basics of it are if someone wants to buy a house or sell a house we come in and tell them what they are buying. Looking at the house normally people want to see if their furniture fits but we tell them how it is constructed and how to maintain it and if there is anything wrong with it. It really clarifies what they are getting into as most people don’t have a clue how houses are made. They just want to know that it is going to be safe and sound and its not going to fall down around their ears in a few years.

It is crazy that is has taken us this long to getting around to getting houses checked, it used to be just buy a house and hope for the best. You don’t do that with a car, generally you get things checked out, you want to know what the motor is going to do, getting an expert in to check it out and know that it is going to last. Real estate agents realise too that they are going to get in trouble if they try and hide things by glazing over issues.

What do you do if you find an issue with a house inspection and how do you communicate this to the client?

Well the great things about HABiT is that we have got such a good system, it is high tech and we have all the help we need. We put it all on our phone, it prompts us as to what to look for as we go around a home and we don’t forget anything. We take lot of photos. Photos are a good way to show people what we have seen. Also once they have read the report, the best way for people to get a real feel is to ring us and go over it with us. Some people want to be on site at the time and we can do that too. It helps people have that one on one and get a real understanding. I think that communication is important.

Why should people use your home inspection services in Tauranga?

I am a builder and 5 years ago I thought I could do an inspection but no way, it is a totally different way of looking at a house. With the technology that we use some one has put in a lot of work to get it to the stage when we first got it. I think it was 5 years of work to get it to where we got it and another 5 years of continually changing it as we learn and as we grow.More and more detail and more and more accuracy. It goes through a list of things on the computer screen or on the phone, so we don’t miss anything. At the end of the job we go right, have we done everything and if we have missed anything we go opps and we go back. We then upload it into the cloud and then go through everything several times so everything is tickity boo and as it needs to.

When you say you are constantly changing it do you mean the software or the report?

The way we word things also information if we find things are getting repeated. There are things that you learn as you go. Every different house has something different in it, no house is the same. So it is just getting it accurate for that particular house. Trying to keep away from the blanket things as much as possible.Being visual, you possible aren’t going to get a good idea until you go invasive, we can certainly point you in the right direction on which tradesmen to use if there is a problem. Giving the client an idea, a starting point of you like on where to go from now.

Why should people use your home inspection services over someone else?

There is no cutting corners with us. I’m not a big guy so I can get into every corner, just about anyway and I do. I can’t help myself I just do. The pictures can prove I have been into places, where some reports I know don’t have any pictures, well I’m sure they do but there is no proof of that, so it gives the client a piece of mind that you have been into those areas. I am a bit pedantic in that way. It’s not just what is wrong with the place, it’s what is it, what is the building? What does it consist of? Something might be good about it and we point that out as well. It is over and above. It’s in a language and format that people can understand.

What makes your skills and knowledge so important when inspecting a home?

Some inspectors  have never been builders but they have gone through the inspector thing and they are qualified in that. I have been building for 22 years in this area so I know how these particular houses in the Tauranga region are done. I know what the problems and issues are. I know I built plenty of monolithic cladding houses so I know the ins and outs. So its like having xray vision I guess, people may see the outside of a house but I can see the inside of it as well and how it is built. If I am unsure I go out of my way to figure it out.

I can’t see everything but we can imagine what is going on or what could possibility happen. I have been inspecting for 5 years and I also had 1 1/2 year stint in Christchurch inspecting earthquake damage so that experience gives you an idea of structural integrity of houses and what goes wrong.They were perfectly good houses before the earthquakes and it is amazing what a bit of a shake can do. It was amazing how many of the houses weren’t done properly. It gave me an good test as it was a high stress environment and it gave me a chance to deal with people in all sorts of situations. I tended to get given the high stress ones as I seemed to be coping with it well. Buying a house and selling a house is high stress and if there is something wrong you all need to try and work together. You have got all sorts of people real estate agents, you’ve got lawyers, you’ve got banks. You’ve got people who are cruisy, or stressed out or the first home buyer. It is important to be able to relate to them all, calm them when they need to be calm and just do it in a manner that is not going to panic them.

Communication is obviously a big one.

Why should people use a building inspector?