Are Building Inspection Tick Box Style Reports up to Standard

With technology running at an unbelievable pace and more and more people becoming savvy to stay abreast of it or even catch up with it. It has made our lives much more efficient, and hence the need to stay up with it. This is why you can find ‘building inspection’ companies more so now using technology to make us more efficient.
If you want information and want it quickly, you now just Google it… and because Google is now getting very good at what they do, which is finding fresh, relevant information, we are becoming reliant on it and we can trust Google now to find what we want.Look at the Yellow Pages now, it is pretty much a futile piece of rain forest that only a small bunch of people are using, I think most are using it as a door stop! So really we don’t have too much of choice to ignore the adoption of technology, as it is only being invented to make our lives easier, other wise we wouldn’t be using it.

So the real question is…If it is making the users life more efficient, then from a commercial point of view, will the end user (the customer) end up with a quality product?
This depends on whether the developers of the product have used quality control standards when producing the product. You will always be able to tell if you are getting something that has a quality standard as most companies producing a product will publicise the fact that they developed it based on specific standards.

So if a building inspector is producing a report from a software tick box system it is probably a good idea to ask them if their system is based on either Australian or New Zealand Building Standards.

As long as the report is clearly communicating the tests and it’s findings carried out by the inspector himself and as long as he has articulated any major concerns that he may have found, then you should not have a problem relying on a tick box style report.
What most people fail to realise when they have a building inspection carried out is it is not the report that counts at the end of the day it is the building inspector himself and his experience in the industry that allows him to convey his findings clearly so that the customer has a good understanding and a clear picture of the condition of the property they are about to buy.

At the Habit we have developed our reports based on the New Zealand and Australian standards, our inspectors are qualified builders and have a very good knowledge of their industry. If you are thinking of carrying out a “building inspection” anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, make sure you get in touch with us, so we can provide you with the peace of mind you need when buying your new  property.