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About Us

The HABiT can assist you with your pre-purchase Hello my name is Allen Collins manager and owner of The Habit – Home & building Inspection Team Kapiti.. Having spent all my working life from the age of 14 in the building industry in many different forms. I have gained huge experience in the evaluation of homes for inspection purposes’. I have also being in the last few years contracted to BECA as an inspector for property improvement programmes in the Wellington Region and have also spent some time with BECA in Christchurch evaluating quake damaged homes. This has added to the experience that I bring to the house inspection role.. We pride ourselves on our quick, professional service. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Kapiti HABiT Building Inspections are proud to bring to the Kapiti Coast- Horowhenua area a system that is now being used all over the world that allows quick and accurate inspections of a home for purchasers to make an informed decision using the latest computer based software and equipment . You have visited this site to find a Company that will give you the confidence to make an informed decision without too much in-depth Building terminology or an over the top explanation of what is required to remedy an area of concern. I have spent a total of 40 years in the building industry and I look forward to working with you to make your dreams a reality.



An interview with Allen Collins

My name is Allen Collins and I am a builder by trade.I have been in the industry for 45 years. The last 4-5 years, I have been in the inspection industry.I spent some time down in Christchurch, evaluating homes for the earthquakes, with BECA consulting who have a contract with Housing New Zealand and specifically housing New Zealand’s rental homes that had earthquake damage to them.They kept me very busy and from an experienced point of view I learn a lot about how houses can be damaged and the different ways they are affected. Seeing how houses were affected by the earthquake Kapitiwas a real eye-opener because it gave you a real insight into houses you didn’t think could possibly be damaged to the extent that they were.
I’ve been able to use those skills up here on the coast as we have earthquakes up here as well and a number of times I have been asked “is this earthquake damaged”, and because you got the experience to be able to confidently give advice on what you see in front of you.

Why should customers use our building inspection service?

What I have found with the HABiT is that we can offer a professional service and provide value for money, I don’t think it’s terribly excessive and its relatively accessible to everybody,

The process is fairly simple it just requires a phone call, and we can schedule a suitable time and have a report turn around in 24 hours from visiting the site.
So it’s a very quick process in supplying a building report,customers will received it on the same day and people always appreciate the service. I really think it’s the communication that stands out for HABiT as we talk with the client and not just provide them with a piece of paper with a whole lot of stuff on it, that’s barely understandable. Its a very good way that we can help people down the track to buying a house.

Are you solutions based?

Yes that’s what people want, and the few houses that have had an inspection completed on it and we have found a potential issue they say “okay then if we are going to buy this house, then what do we do?” And that’s where communication is very important, we can provide a solution based on what the potential problem is. This will generally happen in the afternoon with a phone call to the client to say that this is what we found but in reality it’s not such a huge problem and if you did this and this, or you dealt with the vendor and have a chat with him, quite often those problem areas disappear quite easily and is not such a big deal.
I think most people find the process of buying a house pretty daunting so this is one of the things that we can provide that person.We can go and have a look at property and find anything potentially wrong then we can talk about it alongside our written report.So we can say okay if you do something along these lines and we can mitigate that problem or provide a solution for it.

What makes your skills and knowledge so important when it comes to inspecting houses?

I think it’s experience personally, the ability to pick up problems that other people will generally miss and that’s not because they are not looking.It’s actually having the experience of looking at houses, probably thousands of homes now both for Housing’s New Zealand and BECA and other programmes we’ve doing now at the HABiT. You know the areas and you’re not buried in the minor details of the house, so for example you’re looking for the major problems in the house and they could be subsidence or uneven floorboards, I could be anything in a form that points to a problem and that comes from experience and that’s one of the biggest things that we can offer when buying a house.

So how long have you been in the building industry for?
I’ve been in the industry for 45 years. I started at the age of 13 with my future father-in-law before I left school I did my time with him at a very early age, and that was an age when you learnt very good fundamentals of the building game. You were able to do everything that was required to build a house right down to the joinery. So a long time in the industry and just over the last five years I spent have spent time in the inspection role with HABiT and as mentioned before BECA down in Christchurch and some of the Housing New Zealand homes in Wellington.

It must be very satisfying to use all of that knowledge you have picked up over the years to teach or help people out when it comes to buying homes or even selling them.

It is very satisfying to know and pass on knowledge when you’re talking to the buyers and quite often vendors. We are just there to look at what’s in front of us and quite often you can communicate that to the vendor and they appreciate that because they didn’t know the problem was there in the first place. It is quite rewarding to be able to bring problems to their attention which are easily fixed in most cases.

It’s great to be able to convey confidence to a person who is relying on you to give them advice they need to guide them in the right direction, talking through a solution to a potential problem or simply telling them that it’s a great house and they should buy it.

Do you have a network of specialist that you work with or can refer potential problems onto?

We do have network of specialists, and quite often it is necessary to use them for example you might recommend the house be looked at more closely by a relative trade i.e. an electrician or plumber that can inspect any area that requires a more professional opinion.In some cases it can be fixed by that person and it will generally be in the case where someone is putting their house up for sale which is more important especially in minor cases.
I think it’s important to be impartial and have another opinion, this is potentially something that could cause problems down the line Instead of me is walking through a home and saying I think the switchboard needs to be replaced, I’ll say I think there are a few issues with the switchboard and it’s probably a good idea to get an electrician to have a look and to give his advice. So working with the team does have its benefits.

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