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Who are HABiT Hamilton?

We have been tradesmen builders here in Hamilton for the last 25 years,Master builders for 23 years.
We have been building up market homes and smaller homes,specialising in leaky homes so we know the homes in side out from the start to the finish. Now we are doing the house inspections with our HABiT franchise.
We also have our K built brand which is our own brand building homes, we are all licensed builders and we also have our steel shed systems so we do a commercial outlet as well.
We cover South Auckland to the Waikato so we travel and do the inspections where required.

How long have you been doing inspections for?
We have been doing inspections for just over 2 years now in the Waikato. After 25 years building when we are doing our inspections we are looking from the foundations right up to the finish, looking for any fault and for imperfections that have not been done to trade quality. With all of us being licensed practitioners we are all up to speed totally on all the requirements of the code.

What is a typical home in the Hamilton region?

Brick is very popular here in the Waikato. We also have the upmarket design and build, there is a whole sector of that as well. An average house would be a brick and tile house 220-250sqm that would be our biggest market here in Hamilton. They have been doing up to 1900 new builds in here recently, it’s very busy.Good solid homes, you have just got to check who is building them.

What makes your skills and knowledge so important when doing house inspection?

We are tradesman / builders and we have done the apprenticeships, built a lot of homes and we are master builders as well. We know what we are looking for with a home inspection and because we are keeping up to speed with the licensing, we are looking for any short cuts that have been taken to ensure that the owner gets a nice home.
Over the 25 years the standards have been changing and evolving,we have kept up to speed with it all. We have been fixing other peoples issues with leaky homes,we have done a lot of looking for issues and working out how to fix them to meet the new standards so that the clients end up with a nice healthy dry home.

Over the years we have trained up quite a few apprentices. We always make sure that the team  leaders are trade qualified and are good communicators. I am doing inspections alongside Bernard Edwards our latest inspector, both of us are trade qualified. You definitely have to have a trade qualified inspector inspecting these houses 100% as required by the industry standards.
One of the great advantages of getting an inspection done through HABiT Hamilton is that we are one of the few companies in New Zealand with full insurance. You would be crazy to get an inspection done with someHamiltonone who didn’t have the required insurances. We inspect these houses 100% but the odd occasion something could happen you have the security in knowing that you have the insurance there as well.

What do you do if you find a problem when inspecting a home?

Well to me every home has a problem it could be be something simple like making people aware that the house isn’t build right for the sun, it could be a cold damp house.I do make people aware of that purely because it helps if you have a nice healthy home, facing the right way,nice and sunny. We do give people ideas at the time on how to make enhancements to the house. If the house has got great bones, this is very important. There are lots of ways we can help the clients if we do find issues and we can give them an idea of estimated costs to fix any issues.

What do you do if you find issues in a house that is in a specialised field e.g. plumbing or electrical?

Sure, we have a great team of guys here that we can call on. With the homes generally the new ones are pretty good they don’t have concerns as they have all been approved by the council and generally these new ones have been built quite well. With the older homes, if I get a feeling that there could be issues with the plumbing or electrical I will call on our plumbers or electricians. They have a separate fee which isn’t a heck of a lot and they inspect the plumbing and wiring and give their professional option in a written format so that you can pretty much buy in confidence knowing that this has been seen as well.
The HABiT is solution based and we are not here to kill a deal.

With every home we try and make sure we know if the clients are looking for a do up or an investment and we always make them aware of all the good points in the home and the bad points. A lot of people are naive with houses and with the dark cold homes, its really about making people aware of theses homes and the issues.
We certainly don’t want to give false impressions with a home, we are going to be deadly honest so that people make a good judgement call and are realistic with what they are buying. We give them an idea of potential costs by estimating any issues to give them a guide of their total budget. People do need to be aware of what they are getting into.

Why should people use HABiT Hamilton for building inspections?

Looking at the small amount of money we charge, people would be crazy not to buy a HABiT building report. It is the piece of mind you get with a professional report. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you make and for that small amount of money and having the assurance that you are getting a good report gives you that piece of mind.
I guess that being tradesmen we do know what we are looking for and getting to see the good things and bad things about the house. Its such a small amount to pay to get such a professional, written report.
HABiT has one of the most comprehensive reports in the market in New Zealand. Most of our reports are 40-50 pages for a 3-4 bedroom home.It is such a well presented, proven system.You have to go through such a detailed check list that you literally can not miss a thing, which makes us really look at each item, recognise it and make comments as we go from room to room. This is why our reports do take a little longer than other companies because we are doing such a through job, we don’t want to miss a thing.
It is a pretty simple report to read, there are a lot of photographs as we always take photographs of any of the potential issues that we have seen and explain how bad or good it is and how it can be rectified. It’s in a nice easy format.We are happy to talk through any issues or items with our clients.We are always there for a follow up conversation after we have given the report in case they need any further information.
We also do presale inspections for vendors.


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