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My name is John Puddick and I have been involved in the building industry for 39 years after completing my apprenticeship in Auckland.

I have successfully run my own residential building company since that time and with my wife and two sons made a lifestyle choice to move to Gisborne in 2002 to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle this region has to offer.

I have continued my building activities since. I realised that with my years of experience in this industry I saw a great need to share my knowledge with people who need it.

I saw a need to provide professional building inspections in Gisborne for people who are looking at buying & selling homes. With the latest


changes in regulations in the real estate and building industries it is important that the correct information is passed to the people who need it.

If you’d like a professional report carried out on a property you’re looking at buying or selling, I’d love the

opportunity to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. If there’s anything you need to know … just call me on the numbers above.




Who are The Home & Building Inspection Team Gisborne?


An interview with John!

John Puddick franchise owner of Home & Building Inspection Team Gisborne, a licensed building practitioner and a member of the certified builders association. John has many years of practical knowledge and a good amount of theory and is also involved day to day in the building industry. So I am pretty able to give a good, unbiased report on homes that people might want a building inspection on.
I have been in the building game for 41 years. I was walking around a house recently with some one who said to me I didn’t even see those and I said to him no its because you are a dental technician not a builder.
People just don’t have the skills anymore or the tools. Once you would borrow them off dad or dad would come and help you but he hasn’t got the knowledge any more either.

What would you do for a potential client if you did find an issue?

I would sit down with them and point everything out to start with, then give them an idea of the costs involved and then point them in the right direction of somebody to help them out with that work. People need to realise that everything costs a little bit more than what they think.

They need to hear what needs to be heard, not what they want to hear and think with their head not their heart. Just be willing to listen.

Why should people use HABiT Gisborne?

Because I have that practical knowledge and am still involved in the building industry on a day to day basis. There is probably no-one else in town that has the combination of being a licensed building practitioner, a member of the Certified Builders Association and still working on a day to day basis in the industry.. I think I can do a good job for people. With our system that we have, the Habit 3d system, the chances of missing anything are minimized and you work through a house in a logical way, not with a clipboard and a camera where you have a chance of missing items and problem areas.

What do you say to those people who are choosing between using just a building mate or getting a professional home inspection?

The big thing about our reports is that they are a written report backed up with photographs.They can take them to anybody, they can take them to their bank or insurance company. They can’t do that with old uncle Jack who they used to use.

I think the vendor should have the chance to remedy anything and they have got to see it in writing. It’s there in writing and a builder just won’t do that. In fact most of the builders in town won’t go and do an inspection for people so they’re passing them on to me, purely because they don’t want the liability of missing something. We have the systems in place for hopefully picking everything up.

I also have a network of trade professionals i.e. plumbers, electrician etc which I can refer people to if needed. I have seen a couple of homes recently which have had fires in the ceiling cavities, one had been repaired quite well, one hadn’t been. I was up there and I was quite blown away, the roof was all popped up, the rafters and purlins had been burnt right through. It was at the point where it was quite dangerous, in fact I didn’t climb on the roof where the framing was damaged for fear of it collapsing. So I took all my photos and came back down out of the roof space and showed the agent who was just blown away. He said there had been talk about fire and the vendor said that he had gotten a builder mate to check it about 4 years previous when he had brought it and had said it was okay. This roof was just a mess. I got a roofer around who confirmed my findings that new framing was required before he could lay new roofing iron. It was about a $20,000  repair . The vendor hasn’t got the money to repair that so will have to take a drop in the asking price and someone else is going to have to take a risk. The original person who the vendor had bought the home off should have done the repair and probably claimed on the insurance. That house is still on the market.

Recently I was called into carry out a cladding inspection on a home that had been bought unconditionally at auction.

After it was purchased it was found to have Weatherside Hardboard weatherboard cladding which was withdrawn from the market in the 1980s due to it failing and the banks are very reluctant to lend on homes clad with it.

The purchasers had a family member check the house for them who did not pick up the problem and now they are having problems finding a lender to borrow from. They will more than likely have to re-clad the home before a mainstream lender will loan on this home.

These are just two prime examples of needing to get a professional home and building inspection done.

Which areas do you cover in Gisborne?

I cover from Wairoa up to the East Cape, a pretty big area.

What sort of houses do you see?

We have a good range of housing stock in Gisborne. Some very very old homes as well as modern, I guess that is not unlike anywhere. We are possibly in the time where a lot of the homes need to be upgraded, new piles and rewired. Some of them have the old scrim which is not acceptable to the insurance companies any more.  There is steady supply of new homes being built throughout the district which in turn gives us re sales with recently built homes coming on the market.

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