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Mike Cooper

Habit Dunedin

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Who are HABiT Dunedin?


An interview with Mike Cooper


I have been a builder pretty much all my life, 28 years and I’m now carrying out pre-sale and pre-purchase inspections in the Dunedin area helping out people that are looking to buy or to sell for that matter.

Who are the Dunedin HABiT building inspection team?

It’s Brent and myself.Brent owns the franchise and I run it for him. We are both involved and I guess between us we have over 50 years experience. I’ve got a full back up there if there is anything I run into that I’m not too sure about. I have gained a lot of experience over the period of time we have been doing the inspections , its our 4th year in now and I’ve seen a lot.

We don’t do reports to get work. Primarily we are just inspecting for people who are looking to sell or to buy. We do quote on repairs needed. We have got a preferred list of sub contractors there, time is of the essence when you are buying a house and if you haven’t got contacts it makes it difficult to get prices in quickly to renegotiate if needed. We see these contacts as adding to the service as well. The client can contact them directly and get something underway or get something priced up pretty promptly. The list is across the board and includes roofing, plumbing, electrical, building and engineers.

Why should people use HABiT Dunedin over anyone else?

We pride ourselves on our speed of service, we conduct through reporting of every area of the house and we meet requirements of New Zealand Standards 4306 for Residential Property Inspections. We are user friendly, our reports have got plenty of photos showing the faults and areas of concern. Its a fairly hassle free service, we arrange the bookings and access to the property so it takes it out of the purchasers or vendors hands.

You have a software package that you use which takes you through step by step?

Yes that’s correct. It looks at all aspects, internal ceiling space, the subfloor area, the whole of the exterior including the roof, right through out the interior of the dwelling as well.

What areas do you cover in Dunedin?

Currently we cover the Dunedin city area, we also go down as far as Balclutha, the Catlins area. We go into the Maniototo and central Otago like into Lawrence, Ranfurly and up north to Palmerston. Obviously there are travel costs but no one is doing those areas so we provide the service to those wanting it.

Why do people need a professional building inspector?

We had gained experience from doing the inspections. We have the knowledge and experience which is really important, knowing what to look for and where to look for problems that could be there with those dwellings. Product knowledge is also important and identifying the products that have been withdrawn from the market due to failure and products that could lead to costly fixes. The likes of TRS a rubber coated wire or cloth coated wiring, asbestos, weather side, a cladding that was withdrawn from the market due to its failure. They can be costly fixes and most people are unaware of those potential problems.

I did a stint with Mitre 10 in between building and products were quite a big part of that. So just knowing how to identify products and what to look for.

Also we don’t bog the report down with too many technical terms. We try and explain it to the lay person so they know how to identify those problems. You could bog it down with technical terms but it wouldn’t be that helpful for the people reading it.

How do you report your building inspection findings back to your clients ?

We touch base after we have done the inspections and just highlight any areas of concern that they may not beware of. Occasionally  there could be a major problem and they are not so aware of the depth of the problem.

Apparently you have had some great feedback recently about the reports?

Yes, a few weeks ago I arrived home one night and looked down along the harbour and saw a person who had been biking along the track and had gotten a puncture. He had ended up walking part of the way to get his car so he could go back and retrieve his bike. He saw my vehicle and came across the road. He knocked on the car window and I wound the window down and he said I just wanted to come over and say I’m a solicitor in Dunedin and I do a lot of property conveyancing, I’ve had one of your report come over my desk and I just wanted to comment on how through they are and how easy they are to read. He was blown away by the depth of the reporting and what we covered.This guy does a lot of property conveyancing in Dunedin so sees a lot of reports.

Why should someone get a professional building inspection done?

From what we see all the time I think it is pretty critical to get a building inspection done.

For example tile roofs, a lot of tile and clay roofs are coming to the end of their life. If its at the end of its life and you are wanting to re clad in tile to keep with the character of the house you could be looking at $25,000. As you know heights now require scaffolding so that is an additional cost. Before long you are into a lot of money. That is just one aspect of the house, I guess that is a costly fix.  Some of them could be re-coated, the concrete tiles if its appropriate to they could be recoated. Even re-coating could be up to 6,000 so not that cheap.

What suggestions would you give to first home buyers?

They need to really do their due diligence. Whether it be building report,LIM report, I suggest an electrical inspection as well. Some of the houses they are looking at are in the lower price bracket and getting on in age. They can be full of the TRS the rubber wiring, cloth covered wiring which can be a costly fix. You carry out your due diligence and tick all the boxes that’s my advice.

What are the benefits of a vendor getting a building report done?