What To Look For In A Building Inspection Company

It is important when you are buying a property to understand the different styles of inspections and reporting. To give you a brief and proper understanding into the different backgrounds of people in the “building inspection” industry, which will ensure you get the right inspection,  after you realise that some styles of reporting can suit certain buyers.

The reason why, is because building inspectors come from varying backgrounds, which effects the outcome of the style of reporting and what is in it. The range spans from… dear I say it, an experienced but unqualified person in the building industry, who compiles a manual report, based on his experience, to a university graduate, ie architect or surveyor who can put together a highly technical report as long as you have a decent knowledge yourself so you can interpret the report or there is your qualified builder who has been working with houses for most of his life and intimately knows every aspect of a house.

So you need to asses your general knowledge of the buildings and then work out if you require a non-technical report, which will inform you… what condition the property is in or a technical report that also gives you a breakdown of materials and proper measurements.and levels.
Some companies do infra-red reporting, which can be handy if you want to be as transparent as possible without being intrusive. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the property has been thoroughly assessed, bearing in mind infra-red is not 100% accurate, especially on dull, cold days.

A lot of the things that constitute a good decision in choosing the right company to do your inspections are common sense and most people know what to do, but don’t actually put it into practice. So below are some of the most important things to do or ask before making your decision.

Check to see how long the company has been doing reports for and how many reports they have carried out. What the qualification is of the person that will be carrying out the report. Does the company or individual have professional indemnity insurance…usually $10 million is standard.

Ask if they provide any guarantees for an inadequate report, ie will the company provide a guarantee if anything is missed off the report.
Can the company give you an overview of their interpretation of the disclaimers they put in their reports?

Ask what sort of experience the building inspector has in the building inspection  industry.

If you haven’t been able to get a recommendation from anyone them you can still do your due diligence properly by researching online, there are lots of websites out there that let customers put up reviews on the companies they have used. All you need to do is type ‘’building inspection” reviews into Google and it should bring up a list of sites that you can visit.  Sometimes Google itself will have reviews from people that have an account with them.